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 Some advice for future brides.....

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PostSubject: Some advice for future brides.....   Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:14 am

Well, everyone... it's over and done.... and I was thinking what now? I loved planning my wedding (even though it was a bit stressful), but I've now found myself with pretty detailed knowledge of wedding planning, what it involves, what the pitfalls are, what the highs and lows are, what people like and what they don't like.

I thought I'd offer up some advice from a new wife on what I found, and try and make the wedding planning jungle a bit easier for those of you in the planning stages...

Tip 1: Book as much as you can as early as you can.... Even if you aren't getting married for years. BOOK IT NOW! Especially if you want a popular venue or a popular day, get onto the important stuff as soon as possible - the top 4 for immediate organisation in my book are 1. VENUE (Reception AND ceremony), 2. PHOTOGRAPHER - make sure you get the photographer YOU want, not some cowboy that will take 100 shots of the grass, 3. CELEBRANT - a good celebrant will book up more than 12 months in advance, 4. HAIR/MAKE UP - I think these are more important than you realise and unless you are happy doing it yourself, get this organised.

Tip 2: Find suppliers that suit YOU, find a photographer who's photographs you like - and not just one or two shots, you need to like the majority of the photos as this is what you will get. If you are having a celebrant/civil service, find a celebrant that compliments you and your husband. You want to make your ceremony special and that means something to you.

Tip 3: Consider a cocktail reception (if you haven't already). i was always "I want a sit down dinner.....!!", but after having a cocktail reception I'm a complete convert. Make sure there is enough food and good food, but it gets guests mingling and talking to each other, it creates a friendly, warm and loving atmosphere. People sitting at tables tend to not get up and talk to each other, and makes it a lot easier for you as the bride and groom to get around and have a chat to everyone.

Anyway, I'm loaded with post wedding tips and advice, so if you have any questions on my experience or what a bit of advice, just ask!!! <a href=\'http://www
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PostSubject: Re: Some advice for future brides.....   Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:41 pm

FABULOUS advice Katie! I think this will be hugely valuable to a lot of brides. Thank you

Find Jeanette's services at &
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Some advice for future brides.....
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